Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Lost Set of Stamps

I have been looking for a set of Hero Arts sentiment stamps for days now. I look in my craft room closet, my craft room shelves, my craft room table and it's not there. I even went to my parents' house to see if I might have left it behind. No luck there either. I went through my craft space again and then decided to go out on a limb and look through some boxes in my bedroom closet. I opened one of the boxes that was supposed to be empty, and there it was!

All is well with the world now. Cease freaking out.

RJ was sleeping on my crafty chair so craftiness will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm actually taking WED and TH off work (we also get FRI off for Veterans Day). There will be lots of time for craftiness the next few days! :)


Jen W. said...

Ha! Love that RJs comfort comes before crafty time! :)
Those butterflies in my card you asked about weren't punches but actually Skipping Stones stamps that I cut out and popped up.

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