Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Hour

Let the record show that I did got to Happy Hour tonight. 

You're shocked, I know.  This never ever never ever happens. 

However, a little change in my schedule now and then wouldn't hurt right?  My boss is in town and I figured this would be a good way to spend time with her outside of the office. Plus, cheap drinks and food are definitely a bonus.  I got an appletini and shared some chicken tenders with a co-worker.  The alcohol made me feel really sleepy so I stuck to just one. 

Yay for being social...and not a hermit.  I'll go to spin tomorrow.  If I go TH and FRI, I can say that I went to 4 classes this week, which is pretty good.

Speaking of spin, a co-worker asked me if I was going to the staff breakfast on FRI.  Um, no, I'm going to spin class. My boss hears me.  "Is that during work hours?"  Oh crap.  Was I not supposed to say that?  She starts laughing.  Ok, whew.  I think she knows that I go to spin on FRI.  I mean it's on my calendar.  Everyone at the office can see that.  Based on our touch-base conversation earlier today, she didn't have anything negative to say about my performance, so I guess we're good. 

Well, she did say that I need to slow down when I talk on the phone on conference calls.  "You sound like you just want to get your piece over it."  Well, yes!  I guess I just shouldn't make it so obvious that I want it to be over.


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