Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Card

At the office: It was a such a nice day outside today!  I went to get some fresh air and of course, do some window shopping at my favorite nearby stores: New York and Company, Ulta, Marshalls, and CVS.  The only place that I bought stuff at was Marshalls (4 sets of Thickers for $1.49 each: Stroll, Notarized, Memo and Zebra).  Apparently several of my co-workers wanted to get out of the office too because I saw one of them at Ulta and 2 at CVS.  I was eyeing some of the Milani stuff on sale but decided against it.  One of my co-workers complimented me on my make-up.  I politely said thank you, but I was laughing on the inside because my daily make up routine takes very little effort: a quick swipe of eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara/blush, and some sort of lip product.  No concealer or foundation today.  Maybe that Freeman stuff that I've been using lately and the sun that I got this past weekend have been helping my complexion.

She mentioned that she wanted someone to teach her how to do liquid eye liner.  I recommended YouTube since you can learn all sorts of stuff on YouTube.  While wandering around the hair product aisle, she picked a Loreal product up that I had a coupon for, so I dug out my coupon organizer to get it.  My other co-worker was like "Where did you get all those coupons?!  Look at how they are all organized!"  Oh, come on, is this supposed to be a surprise?  If there's a good deal out there, I will find it!

While I didn't go to the gym tonight, lifting the 40 lb containers of kitty litter was quite the workout!

Target: Speaking of good deals, I found a good one at Target tonight.  40 lb. kitty litter was $15 each.  If you buy 2, you get a $5 Target gift card.  Plus I had a $2 off coupon.  This translates to getting $30 of kitty litter for $23.  Bah ha.  I figured I'd go with the two boxes of litter since it's not like RJ won't be using it all.  40 lb goes a long way for one kitty.  I put some in his box when I got home and he immediately went to bathroom, like he was giving his stamp of approval or something.

Card: I wanted to use some of the Thickers that I got today, so I went with the Stroll ones.  I cut strips of a paper pack that I hadn't used in a while and was already out.  I adhered the strips down and put the chipboard letters on top of them.  Then I added the faux stitching and paper flowers.  

Card Specs:
Paper: Making Memories- Chloe's Closet
Stickers: American Crafts Thickers- Stroll
Flowers: Recollections

I'm taking TH and FRI off this week.  4 day weekend, woot!


June K said...

Like your card, Tina. And yes, 40 lbs of kitty litter is definitely a workout. :)

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