Friday, April 12, 2013

Suzie's Visit, Day 1

My friend from undergrad, Suzie, is here visiting, hooray!  She had a conference in Baltimore and since she was "in the neighborhood," she decided to come stay with me for a few days after.  I know that she loves dumplings, so we made dumplings for dinner tonight.  The wrapping process definitely goes a lot faster with four hands, instead of my two.
She was also admiring my nail polish collection in the bathroom.  Her DIY French manicure was chipping a little, so she decided to remove it and put on new polish.  Her new manicure reminds me of jelly beans.
We watched Over the Hedge after dinner and eventually turned to House Hunters on TV.  The buyer was a guy with his 4 friends, and I made a comment about how weird that sounded to me.  Suzie, who was working on her computer, started laughing and laughing and laughing.  "I know him!"  o_0  What?  Yeah, he's the boyfriend of a friend!  Small world!


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