Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yard Sale and Thrift Store Finds

Weekend mission: My goal this weekend was to decorate my bedroom, per my 2013 New Year's Resolutions.  I recently put up a wall decal, but most of that wall was still blank as is the wall that faces my bed.  Time to change that around!  I cashed in on the 50 free prints from signing up with Shutterfly and printed a bunch of vacation/friends/family/cats/floral photos.  The prints arrived on Thursday, and I set off this morning in search of picture frames.

Yard sale #1: I almost didn't go to it because I went to the wrong place!  The first house that I went to had stuff outside and a moving truck with movers.  I asked one of the moving people if there was a yard sale at that location because that's what it said on Craigslist.  He looked really confused.  "Nah, we're just moving these guys."  Hm, that's weird, ok, whatever.  I realized after I got back in my car and drove about a block that the yard sale was actually down the street.  The guy (I'm not sure if he was cold or cranky, but he didn't crack one smile the whole time I was there...) had a bunch of picture frames for $5.  Oh, no way I'm going to pay $5 for each frame!  But, wait, he has so many nice ones...hmmm.  I plastered a saccharine sweet smile of my face and asked if I could get a deal if I bought more than one.  I walked away with 4 frames (one of them was not even opened) for $10...they are the 4 on the couch seats. 

Yard sale #2: This was an estate sale.  The house smelled kinda old and dingy so I didn't want to stay too long.  They had a whole lot of plates/dishes/kitchen stuff that I wasn't looking for anyway.  The framed irises caught my eyes when I stepped into the house, and after walking around a little bit, that was the only thing that I walked away with...for $2.  It's now hanging up in my living room.

Yard sale #3: I found another large frame for $2.  It's the one that's next to the framed irises.
Yard sale loot, before.
Thank you, Shutterfly.
Wall facing bed, before.

Wall facing bed, after.  I bought the framed flowers at yard sale last year, but didn't want to put them up until I had some other things to put up on that wall.

Completed bedroom wall

Family visit and thrift store shopping: After I got all my yard sale loot, I went to my parents' house to share the dumplings that I made last night.  Mom gave me an A+ rating.  After that stop, I went to the mall to walk around, but didn't find anything that I thought was worth buying.  My next stop was a giant thrift store that was next to the Asian supermarket that I went to last night.  When I went last night, it was too late to go in so I made a mental note to go back.  When I went back today, I found a cute bright blue jacket for $5.99, but I didn't buy it immediately.  I decided to think about it while going to the Asian supermarket to pick some more dumpling wrappers to use for later next week.  On the way back to the car, I went back into the thrift store and got the jacket.  The bright blue and the price were hard to resist.
INC International Concepts jacket, $5.99.


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