Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yard Sale Finds and Dumplings

Yard sale finds:  I set off early today to check out some yard sales, and of course, I came home with quite a few goodies.  The next neighborhood down had quite a few families that wanted to sell their unwanted items.  I lost count of how many sales I went to because some yard sales were so close together.  I probably went to 10?  I ran into my co-worker at one of the sales.  I hope she found some goodies.  She complimented me on my pink pullover, "Tina, pink is your color.  You look good in pink."  I had to laugh on the inside because there was a time where I stayed away from pink.  FYI, total spent today: $12.
The yard sale price of this puzzle was $4, but I got it for $3. I thought it would be a good challenge.
Mouse= $1. I have been looking for a mouse to put in my office laptop bag.  The pocket one that I had previously died on me.  I'm going to keep this one in my home office, and put the original home office mouse in my office laptop bag.
Set of 4 Garfield mugs = $2.  I kept one of the canoe ones since it's a duplicate, and I'm going to see if I can sell the remaining 3 on Etsy or Ebay for a profit since these are vintage (1978).  These are old school, from McDonalds.
I got all these cards for $6.  All except the teapots is a set, so I kept the kitty cards for myself (they look like Ginger) and 1 of each of the square cards, and I'm giving the rest to a friend for her birthday.
Etsy Shop: I spent the afternoon working on listing items in my Etsy shop. I dug around my craft supply closet, and I found things that I had duplicates of or in retrospect, didn't really like as much as I thought.  Hopefully, they can find a new home where someone will use them.

Dumplings, Week 3: Robyn came over tonight for dinner.  I made her work for her dinner by wrapping some dumplings up with me.  Yum, yum!  


June K said...

You got lots for your $10. Those Garfield mugs are a good find.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Lots of neat findings. Everyone likes Garfield!

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