Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bookstore Prize!

"Sick Day": I decided to take a sick day today.  Being out all weekend, I wasn't able to get some errands done, so I blasted off several emails this morning and then called it a day.  I did get a bunch of things accomplished today:
Bookstore Prize: When I was at Homecoming last weekend, the bookstore staff were promoting their Facebook page and telling people to "Like" their page.  On a whim, I pulled out my phone and "liked" their page.  On the trip home on Sunday, they posted on their wall announcing 3 winners of their t-shirt contest and I was one of them!  Hah, so cool!  I emailed the bookstore staff person that was mentioned in the post to claim my prize and also asked her how I won considering I didn't remember entering in a contest.
Hi Tina, We did a promotion that we only advertised in the store. We were attempting to get more of our young alums to like the Store’s Facebook page. So the drawing was pulled from the new likes generated from this weekend. So if you weren’t here you still were entered because you like the store’s page. :) Lucky you.
The t-shirt arrived today after only talking to the lady yesterday...only a 1 day wait!  What amazing service!


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