Saturday, October 26, 2013

WNL Young Alumni Weekend, Day 2

Robyn had a thing to go to this morning so we were out of the hotel by around 9:30.  We went to Lexington Coffee Shop for the other girls to get warm drinks and hang out until the tailgate.  At the coffee shop, I saw a couple (Avery and Will T.) that I knew from when I was at school.  They were two years older than me and dated while they were students and got married after they graduated.  The woman actually worked for the school a little bit post-graduation.  They came to the reunion with their 2 adorable kids.  I wasn't sure if they would recognize me, but the husband gave a subtle wave and I smiled and did the same.  The wife was trying to get the little one situated and I talked to her for a little bit before she left the store.  She and Robyn were going to the same place. 

Suzie's brother came by the coffee shop later on.  He was dressed up nicely, which we complimented him on.  "Oh, I slept in this."  What about your necktie?  Did you take it off?  "No, it was really cold in the place that I was staying at.  I had it on for warmth."  Then he proceeded to tell us about his seemingly magic jacket where you could ball it up and it would still come out wrinkle free (somehow this became a running joke among many during the weekend).

Around 11, we started heading out to the Law School lawn for tailgate.  I was especially excited about having salad and mac and cheese.  Afterwards, Page went to go study and Suzie went to the library for some quiet time.  Robyn, Meg and I went to the football game until halftime.  I wasn't really paying too much attention to the game because I was too busy watching people and eavesdropping on their conversations.  What seems to be in fashion are skinny jeans and riding boots.  I mean, I knew that, but to see almost everyone wear that type of outfit was a little strange.  Hello, individuality?  Another fashion item I noticed were backless tops.  Hello, it's cold outside!  Are you nuts?!  Plus, we're at tailgate.  Not da club.  Anyway...another funny thing was that something flew in the air randomly a few rows in front of us.  I realized later on that it was a cork.  A girl said quietly, "Do you think anyone noticed?"  Um, yes.  The conversation I heard behind me was about how Mom and Dad were confused about the term "hooking up."  "Yeah, my mom's always like 'What does that mean?!'"  Ah, college life...

After halftime, the three of us wandered over to the Commons to sit down and chat some more until it was time for Suzie's book signing and dinner.  Shane, a (then) freshmen that I knew from coordinating a pre-orientation trip, recognized me and we chatted a little bit.  Page gave Meg her notes and tried to recite what was on the page from memory.  Just like old times. 

Suzie's siblings came to the book signing so it was nice to see them.  Robyn went to a professor's house for dinner and the rest of us went the BBQ/wine tasting event.  You can't go to a WNL weekend event without a pulled pork sandwiches.  I had some white wine and some raspberry sparkling wine which was very delicious. 

After dinner, it was back to the Bookstore for what seemed like the 5th time in 2 days.  We looked in to the theater to see what movie they were playing.  It was Man of Steel.  The guy that played Detective Stabler on Law and Order: SVU had a military role in this movie, and I was thinking to myself "Umm, you're supposed to be NYC, protecting us from sexual predators..."  I caught maybe 10 minutes of it and then the 5 of us met back up in the Commons living room.  Brightman eventually joined us with some of his friends.  More talking ensued...
Lunch at tailgate.
Group picture!
Hi, Brightman!
Page, Meg, Me
Meg's super excited about her new phone case.  Her clothing matches it so well.  Earlier this morning, we joke that she looked like she was going riding or hunting.
Meg helping Page study.

Me and Page with Dr. Uffelman (chemistry professor) at Suzie's book signing.

At the wine tasting.


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Looks like you have a great weekend!! Food looks delicious...uummm...salad, mac, bisquit and candy...good choice!!!

Oh and HELLO two look good together (:)

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