Sunday, October 27, 2013

WNL Young Alumni Weekend, Day 3

Time to go home...but not before having a little bit of last minute fun with friends.  After eating breakfast at the hotel and checking out, we went back to Lexington Coffee Shop so the girls could get their last coffee fix.  Page wanted to stay there and study for a little bit and the rest of us walked around to check out the shops.  We got a text from her saying that Brightman was there to pick her up and make their way back to Georgia.  There were hugs all around and "see you soon" (goodbye seems too final) and away they went.

We continued our walk around town and also walked to campus so that Suzie could say goodbye to her brother (who was still wearing the jacket and pants that we had seen him in the day before).  Meg wanted to take some pictures.  Suzie also asked her to take some pictures of her with the Colonnade in the background in case they could be used for future book pictures.  It was time for lunch so we made our last foodie stop at Salerno's for lunch.  I noticed that the $5 pizza night that I remember has now increased to $8.99.  Sad, sad, sad.  I got two slices of cheese pizza and everyone else got subs.

Then it was time for us to get on the road.  The 2 weird things that we saw on the drive was a truck that was carrying 3 tractor trailer cabs that were stacked and leaning against each other and then another truck that was towing some random playground items: hobbit house, apple with a worm coming out of it, and a pencil.

Meg drove us to a Metro station near her place and we all got out to continue our journey home.  After dumping our stuff at home, I drove Suzie to my parents' house so she could say hi to my parents and Julie.  Julie stayed in the kitchen and listened to us recap the trip.

One observation from the weekend: it was nice to see the Speaking Tradition in full force this weekend.  It was weird to have people...strangers...saying hi to you.  You just don't do that in DC, but it's totally the culture on campus.  Several VMI cadets even tipped their hats and said hello when walking by.
Lee Chapel
The red brick and white columns never gets old.
Thanks for a fun weekend, WNL!


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