Thursday, October 17, 2013

Full Day at the Office

I haven't been to the office for a full day since August 23 due to the renovation.  I've come in here and there to check the mail but not for a full day.  Today was a full day...
  • Interview, 9 AM
  • Interview, 10 AM
  • Conference call, 11 AM
  • Non-senior staff meeting, 12 PM
  • Interview, 2 PM
  • Interview, 3 PM
The interviews were for a website professional position.  1 interview was an internal candidate, so she definitely had an upper hand over the other candidates.  2 interviews were fine, but nothing spectacular. 

The last interview of the day was downright horrible.  I noticed that the last entry in her resume was January 2012 and when I asked her the reasoning behind it, she said that she had to move in with her grandparents to take care of them.  I felt like total scum that I asked, but I felt like it was important to understand the reasoning behind it.  With that aside, it still didn't go well because she didn't have the technical expertise, seemed to want to work independently, and didn't have answers for some of the interview questions, like "How would current or past supervisors describe you?" It kind of shocked me how unprepared she was.  After the interview, my co-worker on the interview panel was like, "OMG, Tina, your face..."  I don't have a good poker face, so I probably looked bored or annoyed.  He wasn't too thrilled with her either, "She was odd.  I knew in the first five minutes that this wasn't going to work out."  I hope the candidate can take this experience as a practice interview for future interviews.


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