Thursday, May 29, 2014

Funny Things People Have Said to Me Recently

Funny thing #1: I almost never wear my hair down at the office.  It's usually up in a ponytail or some hairstyle that keeps hair out of my face and off of my neck.  I wore it down today and when my coworker got into the office, she said: "Your hair looks nice today, like out of shampoo commercial."  Aw, that was nice.  Especially since I did wash it last night.  Conditioner and a flat iron does wonders! :)

Funny thing #2: At a coworker's goodbye party yesterday, the policy director was telling some folks, "Tina is the most polite driver.  She turns on her signal at the top of the garage ramp and when she's turning into a parking space."  He was driving behind me this morning and there was no one else driving in the garage, but out of habit, I made sure to turn on my signal.  Fortunately, he's never seen me when someone cuts me off.  I'm not afraid to use a lead hand on the horn in those instances.

My body aches so much from doing the workout DVD last night.  At least I know something was working.  And it's nothing that a good night's sleep and some icy/hot won't fix!


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