Monday, May 5, 2014

Protest at the Office

During the staff meeting today, the director of contracts alerted the chief operating officer that there was a protest going on outside our building. There was a police presence, complete with cop cars and cops with motorcycles. The main road went from three lanes to two lanes, jamming up traffic. They had to shut the elevators down and the only way we could exit the building was through the stairs. This way would prevent the protesters from coming into the building as much as possible. 

My coworker Jennifer and I had to go down 7 flights of stairs to the ground floor, cross the street to another garage, go up on the elevator to the floor that has a bridge that leads back to our building so we could access our cars to go home.  SIGH.

It made for an interesting afternoon though.  Lots of us were laughing because the sign that the protesters had a misspelled word.  Too bad they forgot to spell check!


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