Wednesday, November 5, 2014

University of Maryland, College Park MPH Session

A few weeks ago, my friend Jenny invited me to be a "speaker" at her MPH information session that was geared towards undergraduate students who were interested in learning more about a Master's in Public Health.  I came armed with my company polo and some of our publications.  I shared a table with another MPH alum and together, we talked to a handful of students about the program.  I was happy to pass along any information that I have and on the way home, I was thinking how wonderful it would have been to have something like this when I went to undergrad.  I felt like I only had two options after graduation: research or medical school, neither of which were really that appealing to me.  It wasn't until about a year after that I learned about public health and I'm thankful that I found my niche.
I mentioned to the students that my current job is the only one I've had since getting my MPH.  That caught their attention.  Oh, yes.  I'm committed.  I just had my 6 year anniversary in early October. :)
My compensation was free food and a t-shirt.  Not a bad trade in my book! :)


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