Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Shopping

Since Thanksgiving is officially over, I didn't feel bad putting up the holiday wreath that Mom made me a few years ago.

After hanging it up, I made some oatmeal for breakfast and started looking for deals online for Christmas presents as well as Ebates.  I purchased something from the following stores: Bed, Bath and Beyond (4% Ebates cash back) and Groupon (10% Ebates cash back), which took care of my Secret Santa, Steph, Robyn, and my parents.

Around 10:30 AM, I went to CVS and the mall to walk around.  I'm not sure if all the Black Friday shoppers already got their deals at the stores or they did their shopping online like me, but I didn't think the crowds were that bad.  Surprisingly, I came out with nothing and didn't feel bad about that. I can't promise how good my restraint will be once I get my Target gift card that I got with credit card points, though.
Julie came over earlier this evening to watch the Redbox movie that I rented yesterday, X-Men: Days of Future Past. I had seen it over the summer, but really liked it. Plus, I had a free Redbox movie code.


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