Friday, April 10, 2015

Back from Iowa

Getting home from Iowa was quite the challenge.  I got to the Cedar Rapids airport at around 8:30 AM Thursday since my boss's flight was before mine and she had the rental car.  I knew the airport had free WiFi so I could amuse myself until my flight at 12:30 PM.  My boss went to go check in and when we said our "see you laters", she also mentioned that the two previous flights to Chicago were cancelled due to thunderstorms in that area.  My flight to Chicago was still on schedule.  But that didn't last long.  I was probably delayed around 4 hours.  We even got on the plane and then after the last person got on, they had us get off the plane because Chicago had another ground stop.  Once I got to Chicago, I was delayed another hour before getting on the plane and then there were about 4 other planes in line to take off.  I got quite a lightening show from my window seat. o_0  The one good thing about the Chicago to DCA flight was that there was a seat in between me and the gentleman in the aisle seat and I also got what seemed like extra leg room (not that I need it since I'm short).  Then I had to take a 45 minute taxi ride to my Metro station to retrieve my car and then drive home.  I didn't roll up to my front door until about 1:30 AM.  BLAH.

Surprisingly, I wasn't really struggling to get work done today.  I took a break to go to the post office to mail off an Etsy order and the mall to get a Chipotle burrito using the gift card that I got from employee appreciation week.  I've been wanting to get one for a while, but the line was always out the door at the one near work.  Good for their business though!

After I shut down my work computer, I went to my parents' house to go for a walk with Julie and get RJ.
Oh hai!  I like ribs too!
Mom gave me this Estee Lauder Pure Color nail polish in Sweet Pea for my birthday. I felt sorta...guilty? that she got me high end nail polish since I would much prefer to go drugstore on that front.  Or pretty much on all fronts.  But it's pretty for spring and I couldn't say no!


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What were in Iowa for?

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