Monday, April 13, 2015

Empties #7

Whoo hoo, stuff to go into the recycling bin!  I'm most happy to be done with the Caress body wash in Tahitian Renewal and a Dove conditioner with a grapefruit/lemongrass scent. It felt like it took forever to finish those two.  I have another bottle of conditioner and several bottles of body wash that I need to go through before I consider repurchasing them.  As for the Palmer's cocoa butter lotion, I had to cut the bottle to get the last bits out, definitely would repurchase.  I did repurchase the nail polish remover, my third one!  Those Esteee Lauder sample sized makeup removers were fine, but I think my CVS one works much better. I would never consider buying high end makeup remover when drugstore ones and/or coconut oil does the trick.


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