Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Free Cone Day and Office Computer Raffle

Hooray for Free Cone Day!  Me and 3 other coworkers walked down to the Ben and Jerry's down the street to get our free ice cream.  It was drizzling a little outside, so I think the rain was a deterrent because there was a minimal line.  The last few years, you had to wait a little.  But of course, a little waiting is worth it for some free treats!

We had another office computer raffle and I won one!  I won one last time in 2013!  I'm not usually this lucky. Maybe I should play the lottery.  Bah ha.  This came at a really good time because the computer that I keep in my bedroom suddenly stopped turning on. I had debated on getting a new battery for it, but the thing is about 8-9 years old (I bought it when I started graduate school).  Now it's time to destroy the hard drive on that computer and take it to Best Buy for recycling. :)


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