Saturday, April 4, 2015

Treadmill Day

YAY, Saturday! :D

Time to go to the gym!  I told myself that I just need to go for 30 minutes.  It'll be over in a snap.  ithinkicanithinkicanithinkican. In an effort to work on my 2015 running goal, I wanted to see how far I could go in 30 minutes.  My previous best distance is 2.41 miles and today, I made it to 2.45 miles.  It's not much, but any progress is progress!

I came home, ate some lunch and then went back out to get some iced coffee at Panera (free with Panera rewards program) and some strawberries from Costco (surprisingly the line wasn't bad at all, given that tomorrow is Easter and Costco will not be open).

I cranked out a Fitness Blender workout before dinner too: Strong, Lean, Toned Arms, Chest and Shoulders Workout - Lift Like you Mean It!. I have a feeling that my shoulders are going to feel it tomorrow.


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