Friday, April 3, 2015

Teleworking, but Not Really

Made it to a 1-hour spin class this morning.  Yay!

There wasn't much on my work calendar today except for a check-in with my boss and then a focus group teleconference.  My 3 PM conference call got moved to Monday.  I had to make another set of assessment voting cards, and I had set aside time to do that on Monday, but since I got that time back, I showered after my focus group and headed to Staples and the office to get stuff done (I'm so lucky to live so close to the office!).  The workroom printer kept jamming for some reason, so I didn't finish my project, but at least I put a serious dent in it. My coworker across the aisle helped me cut them up so extra bonus there.


Next week should be interesting.  In the office on Monday and then Iowa Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for work and then teleworking Friday.  I'm planning to take RJ to my parents' house on Sunday so he can get acclimated, but since this will be his third stay, I'm hoping he's a pro by now.

I caught bits and pieces of The Fast and the Furious on TV tonight.  And then I remembered that Furious 7 came out today.  My reward to myself for getting through next week will be to go see that movie in the theater once I get back from Iowa.


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