Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Nails

It was pretty alarming to turn on the news this morning to see Baltimore up in flames.  That was not what was going on when I went to sleep last night. They also said something about a curfew starting tonight, but why couldn't they have started last night when things were already really out of control.  I guess they didn't have enough law enforcement and military to enforce the curfew?  I just hope it gets better as the week goes on and that officials learn from this event and be more prepared/take more initiative next time (not that there should be a next time).

I was inspired by the nice weather today and did some nail art.  Hello spring! This is Cheeky Happy Nails plate with Sally Hansen in Mint Sortbet nail polish for a base coat and Sally Hansen InstaDri nail polish in Presto Pink for stamping.


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