Saturday, June 18, 2016

CrossFit Charity Workout

9:30 AM Crossfit, check! I’m so proud of my cousin for joining us for the fun for this charity workout. He had to take a little break in the middle of the workout, and I was a little scared he was going to pass out on me. After he got some water and caught his breath, he did the mile with us. I hope I can convince him to make it to a real class sometime. That's my summer goal.

WOD: Complete all 12 stations and then run 1 mile as a group.
12 Stations, 1:00 at each per partner
1. Burpees
2. Pistols
3. Pull Ups
4. Sit Ups
5. Cleans
6. DB Push Press
7. Kettle Bell Swings
8. Jump Rope
9. Box Jumps
10. Push Ups
11. Sprints
12. Fireman carry (I could actually carry him, piggyback style!)

We took a celebratory trip with Maria to Dunkin Donuts afterwards. Whoo hoo, Boston Cream!


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