Friday, June 17, 2016

Finding Dory, New Lipstick and Banana Pudding Fans

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Yay for perfect weekday attendance. We worked on our back squats…3 x 5 at 85 lbs. Julie slept in today, so it was me, Maria for the girls and Chip and Eric for the guys. Eric suggested some sort of heavy metal rock music, but it turned out to be too slow and not the right tempo. Maybe it can be girls' choice on Monday...Taylor Swift or Britney or 80s music, please!

500 m row
800 m run
50 dumbbell snatches (20 lbs per hand)
Time: 10:07

I decided to take one of my comp days that I earned from my work trip and went to see Finding Dory. I'm used to going to the movies were there aren't too many people in the theater, but seeing as it's summer and school's out and it's the movie's opening day, I had to manage my expectations. It was a little difficult to not be disgruntled because there was half a row of chatty teenagers (?), or at least kids that were old enough to know that chatting during a movie is not appropriate behavior. Blah.  Anyway, the movie was great and I enjoyed it!  The octopus was my favorite new character from this movie.

I left the house with Sephora Lip Cream Stain in Always Red on. When I was out, I bought a Anastasia Beverley Hills liquid lipstick in Madison and of course, I had to try it on when I got home. Ulta is a dangerous place for my wallet. I did have some points to use though, so I don’t feel totally guilty.

I set aside some banana pudding from Thursday's office potluck for my banana pudding sous chef and her little brother. Their mom (my coworker) posted this picture on Facebook (I added the sunglasses for fun/privacy). Awww! I love happy customers!
This evening, I stopped by my uncle and aunt's house to drop off some flowers for my aunt's birthday. No one was home, which I thought was peculiar since my uncle has regularly scheduled dialysis treatments at home. As I was walking back to my car, they started to pull into the driveway. They had gone out for sushi for my aunt's birthday and to celebrate my uncle only having to do night dialysis treatments (as opposed to all day long). My aunt asked if I had eaten dinner (no...). She offered up her sushi dinner leftovers for me to eat (a few pieces of California rolls and some tempura). YUM! My timing was awesome. :D


Jen W. said...

You have the most amazing free food radar! Ha ha! And boo to movie talkers. We really gotta get those trap door seats going...

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