Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pull-ups and New Birthday Card

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Sigh. Not the best workout for me today. I didn’t sleep well last night because my brain just wouldn’t turn off. But at least I showed up this morning! We worked on our pull ups.

WOD: EMOM 5 hang power cleans. After the cleans, you had the rest of the minute to do box jumps.
Level A was to accumulate 100 box jumps. Level B was to accumulate 65 box jumps. I started out with 65 lbs, but had to go down to 55 lbs halfway through because of fatigue. I accumulated 59 box jumps (20 inches) (maybe it was 61? I couldn't read my own handwriting on the whiteboard I was using) in the 12:00 time cap. Grrr.

I figured ruminating over my performance during today and yesterday’s WODs wasn’t going to be a productive use of my time this evening. I had to snap out of the funk. I turned up some music, wrote a coach testimonial as requested by one of the co-owners of my CrossFit gym (I think it’s very important to give credit where credit is due!) and made a birthday card.
I'm definitely way too hard on myself. I think it's good to push myself, but I have to remember that if I go overboard, I will get injured and recovery totally sucks (as I found out when I hurt my back this past March). Having to scale workouts way back sucks. Pain sucks. There's always the next workout to do better.


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