Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pull-ups and Consultant Issues

I woke up this morning with my upper body feeling sore, so I texted my sister and Maria that I’d shoot for the afternoon CrossFit session. Today's liquid lipstick: Sephora cream lip stain in Cherry Blossom. "On Wednesdays, we wear pink."- Mean Girls.

The rough start to the morning continued when I got to the office. I got a call from one of the directors this morning. Uh oh. She was NOT happy with the work that one of our consultants turned in. Oh boy. Ok. Imma let you finish. (Come onnn. I JUST sat down at my desk. I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet! Can I pencil in your freak out session in like 15 minutes?) I was asked to write a tactful email to the consultant, asking him to double check his work.

As promised, I did go to 5:15 PM CrossFit. Wow, quite the rowdy bunch, these afternoon class folks. Or maybe us morning class folks are still just trying to wake up at 6:30 AM? I dunno. ANYWAY, we worked on our pull-ups.

WOD: 12:00
400 m run
5 rounds of:
- 3 pull-ups (green and red bands)
- 7 push-ups (red band)
- 15 squats
400 m run
Max burpees for remaining time, and I was able to crank out 13 burpees.

One of the girls complimented me on my push-ups. "They looked great!" Thanks, heh, they didn't feel so great towards the end though.


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