Friday, June 24, 2016

Garden Help and Baseball Hall of Fame Exhibit

Mom came over this morning after I came home from CrossFit to help me tackle the weeds and hedges outside my townhouse. I can barely keep up with the little garden that I have with two azalea bushes, I don't know how Mom manages to keep up with all the gardens she has in the front and back of the house. She has a green thumb, so I guess it's a matter of being interested in gardening makes a big difference. RJ supervised from the comfort of the air conditioning inside.
My parents and I went to a “friends and family” event that my sister invited us to. It was for the Baseball Hall of Fame traveling exhibit. They had a bunch of trailers set up with interactives and exhibits inside. She showed us the ones that she worked on, which was really cool. There was a trailer that had a giant interactive table that my sister worked on. The table had different stations so that multiple people could be at the table at once. There was a virtual reality trailer, so you could put the goggles on and spin around to see the baseball field, the players, etc.


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