Thursday, March 17, 2016

Back Injury at CrossFit

Sigh...I injured my back majorly while deadlifting this morning at CrossFit. I should have known better! Ugh. It wasn't completely recovered from doing the snatches on Saturday...what made me think that I could lift that kind of weight?! I mean, it was so bad that it was difficult to walk or do anything that wasn't laying down in bed with a heating pad and Icy Hot. The coaches recommended a physical therapist, so I've made an appointment with him on Tuesday morning to make sure that something isn't more seriously wrong. Needless to say that I took a sick day today...fortunately, there isn't a lot happening on my calendar the next few days. I'm sad that I had to miss the employee appreciation event today which involved going to a nearby restaurant with food, drinks and board games.

A big shout out to Julie who came over tonight with some groceries and ingredients to make lasagna. She even washed the dishes! We watched the 16.4 Open workout announcement...which included a lot of deadlifts. Ugh.


Jen W. said...

Oh nooooo! What a nightmare! Hope its nothing too serious and that you're back on your feet soon. :( Although I'm sure RJ will enjoy having someone lying around with him. :D

Velvet Foronda said...

Friends like that are the best! I also have a habit of thinking my injuries are healed long before they really are. Soaking in warm epsom salt baths helps, but try to take it easy and enjoy the break while you can. You can still lift weights or use resistance bands for other areas until you're back on your feet.

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