Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Physical Therapy Appointment

The physical therapist that I went to today was recommended by 3 people at my CrossFit gym. When I told him, he was like "Yikes, no pressure (nervous laughter)!" He asked me a bunch of questions about what had happened to cause such an injury and then he had me do some mobility work to see how far I could move without pain. Then we did some dry needle work, which was actually not as scary as it sounds. I'm feeling so much better since Thursday. I want to get back to beast mode so badly because it totally sucked to not be doing the same workout as everyone else yesterday morning at CrossFit, but I know I need to take it slowly so as not to tumble backwards.

I worked from home the rest of the day, one eye on the computer and honestly, the other eye on the television coverage of the Belgium bombings. Ugh. Not again.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hope you are feeling better real soon. Back problems are nothing to play with. Oh yes, I was watching the Belgium bombings also. Pretty scary to think those attacks are headed this way if the next President does not stop ISIS in it's tracks!!!!

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