Friday, March 4, 2016

CrossFit and New Grocery Bag

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Ah, it was nice to be back at the gym since I’ve been out all week on work travel. The coach set up a pop-up class today so that I could make it!

We worked on our squat clean and jerks. 5 x 2 at 70 lbs.

WOD. We decided to do Thursday's WOD, but since me, Maria and Julie didn't make it to a class yesterday. Today's WOD was a partner workout (I suppose we could have made it work for 3 people) and there was a lot of rowing so Thursday's seemed a lot more manageable.
- 3:00 AMRAP: 20 goblet squats (26 lbs) 2 lap suitcase carry (1 lap each arm)
- 3:00 AMRAP: 20 alternating pistols 100m row sprint
- 3:00 AMRAP: 40 burpees (I got to 30 burpees and the time ran out…) max hollow hold

I’m doing the scaled version of 16.2 tomorrow morning, eek!

For my telework day, I actually stayed at my parents' house because, um, well, that's where all the food is. I have wi-fi, food, and my cat, so that kept me happy throughout the work day. I took a nice nap in my old bed once the work day was over. :D

Tee hee, one of my new tank tops came in the mail while I was out. Also, I’ve officially reached new levels of cat lady-ness. To be fair, the grocery bag was free using a Shutterfly coupon my cousin gave me (I paid for shipping). I couldn’t let a good deal go to waste! When RJ and I got home, I hung up the cross-stitch I did of my alma mater’s coat of arms. Mom framed it while I was out of town. I’ve unpacked and did a load of laundry. It’s been a productive evening! I’m excited to sleep in my own bed tonight.


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