Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shopping, Plank Challenge and Cunning RJ

Today was spent shopping! :D My coworker Michelle is having a yard sale sometime in April, and she invited me to join her. Oh, perfect! I have some clothes that I want to get rid of because they don't fit as well anymore. I'm anticipating more room in my closet, so I got a head start on buying new clothes (hah). I came away with 3 dresses, one from JCPenney and two from Marshalls. The two from Marshalls are the exact same lace dress, but since I couldn't decide between black or coral, I went with both!

I decided to participate in a plank challenge. Here's how it's gonna go: everyone who signed up has to submit a video of them doing a forearm plank on April 1. Longest time wins. If you're not the winner, for every second between you and the winner, you have to do a burpee.

Julie texted me this evening to say that there was sushi at the house. Of course, I had to go over there and help them eat it. Julie helped me with form. The first time around, my butt needed to be closer to the ground. This picture was taken in the second round.

RJ! ARGH! I left him sleeping on my bed and then went to my parents' house for dinner. I come home and the cut up chicken tenders I left on the counter were gone! There was a piece on the floor just outside the kitchen. He was asleep so I thought they were safe! I went to go find him, and he was on the bed where I had left him earlier, licking his chops. UGH!


Jen W. said...

Ha ha! RJ was totally faking being asleep and just waiting for you to leave! :D Atticus used to be a nightmare about stealing off the counters. In his time he snatched 2 sirloins, multiple chicken breasts and a pork tenderloin...

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