Thursday, March 24, 2016

CrossFit, New Nails, and Botanical Gardens Visit

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! We worked on our pull-ups and then the WOD was 3 rounds of the following.

400 m run (Everyone else did 800 m. I didn’t want to push it)
30 sit-ups (slowlyyy)
15 push-ups (with bands)
Time: 17:40

YAY! Considering I could barely get out of bed last TH without a lot of pain, I’m feeling good about my healing.

I’m also taking the day off, double YAY! I did my nails in the first time in forever. I went with a white base and gold nail art. The weather was so nice that I also went to the nearby botanical gardens and walked around to enjoy the sunshine and light breeze and beautiful flowers. I made a mental note to go back when the tulips are in bloom.
I also went to spin class in the evening. I feel so bad because my attendance has been inconsistent, and people wonder where I am and why I disappeared. But at least this time, it's not because of laziness (although going to spin class after already going to CrossFit in the morning is TOUGH!), I had a legit injury. Blah. After spin class, I went to my parents' house to eat dinner and watch the CrossFit Open 16.5 Open workout announcement.


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