Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!

I went to my parents’ house this afternoon to celebrate their birthdays. We got sticky rice stuffed duck, something that we normally reserve for the Lunar New Year, and others Chinese food dishes. I brought the cupcakes that I made last night.  It looks like Mom is doing her impression of the Big Bad Wolf. Mom almost forgot to make a wish, but I'm not sure what she wished for since she got the dishwasher that she's been wanting for a while. She's shown it to me twice already.
Afterwards, Julie, my cousin and I went over to the sunroom to hang out. The sunlight was so relaxing. My cousin and I actually ended up falling asleep. Julie continued to play on her phone. Harry the Homeless Cat found a spot in Mom's garden to take his nap.
After lunch, Julie and I went to visit our uncle and aunt.  My uncle had been in the hospital recently because of some kidney function issues. He looked tired, but in good spirits since he had company.
I wanted to cross off one of the items on my weekend to-do list: write Suzie a reply letter from February. I also enclosed a tank top that I bought from Red Bubble. I got a size too big for me, and since the company didn't require me to return it, I could give it to someone else. Suzie also mentioned that she used her last handmade envelope that I gave her, so I made 6 to give to her. I used the Sizzix die set that I bought from Michaels yesterday to decorate the envelope with.


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