Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pull-Up Day and Work Focus Group

I got to the hotel for the work focus group this morning thinking, "I feel like I was just here. Oh, wait, that's because I was!!!" Sigh, blah. My boss and other big-wigs at the meeting seemed happy with the discussion, so that's all that matters. I'll tackle my notes tomorrow.

5:15 PM CrossFit, check! My sister had to give me a mental push off the couch, and Maria texted me to ask if I was ready for class this afternoon. I’m lucky to have these ladies to hold me accountable.

We worked on our pull-ups and then the WOD was 5 rounds of the following.
-15 kettlebell swings (26 lbs)
-10 burpees
-5 dumbbell snatches per arm (20 lbs)
800 m run cash out
Time: 16:36

And since I still had the energy, I went to 6:30 PM spin class.

Someone asked me how the work meeting/focus group went today after I got back to the office. “People talked, and the food was good.” He laughed and said he liked how I gauged the success of a meeting on those two things. Well, what else is there in a good meeting?  The lunch was a sandwich bar, with pasta salad and chicken noodle soup. My boss told me to snag all the leftover cookies at the end of the meeting since the hotel staff was probably going to throw it all away afterwards. There were 6 left, and I went around the office and found 6 coworker to give them to. I kinda felt like Robin Hood!
Come on, Kelly!  You can do it!


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