Friday, March 25, 2016

An Awesome Friday!

It’s been a pretty good day! Let me count the ways…
  1. I had a check-in with my boss, and she’s pleased with all the work I’ve done this year and even acknowledged that I took on a lot more work when my teammate left last summer.
  2. I checked out a new craft store that opened nearby. I bought a new set of dies, but was most amused by this cat coloring book I saw on the way out. Obviously, it was meant for me. Maybe next time. What was interesting was that the location online didn't have any coupons. I clicked on another location to get their coupon, but the register wouldn't take it. WTH? The manager came over to explain that it was because the location wasn't officially opened yet. She was able to override the error and give me my discount, whew.
  3. I baked some chocolate cupcakes to take to my parents’ house tomorrow for their birthday lunch. Of course, I ate one for quality assurance.
  4. Ah, freshly laundered sheets are currently in the dryer. I will sleep well tonight!
  5. With the weather getting warmer, it’s “no pants” weather inside. Bah ha. What’s the cat gonna care? It’s “no clothes” weather for him all the time, not even a collar.


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