Tuesday, March 1, 2016

St. Louis, Day 3

Conference, Day 2 of 4, check!

One touching thing from today was that there was an “in memoriam” session this afternoon for 2 people who had passed away since the last time this conference was held. While I didn’t know them personally, it was very evident by what was said and the slideshow that played in the background that these two people were well loved and respected by their colleagues in this scientific community. One of them was given an award at the luncheon today, and his widow was there to receive it in his honor.

For dinner, I went to Landry's with my boss and 3 of my other coworkers. I got a seafood pasta, but unlike the one that I got on Sunday that was with a cream based sauce, this one was a garlic/olive oil/herb sauce. It was equally as yummy.


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