Monday, February 29, 2016

St. Louis, Day 2

Conference, Day 1 of 4, check!

Thank goodness for black tights! My knees are so bruised from doing those walking lunges and burpees in the parking lot at Saturday’s CrossFit session. One of the vendors came up to me earlier today and complimented me on my dress. That was a nice start to the day!

For dinner, I went with 3 of my coworkers to Maggie O'Brian's. I got the blackened chicken salad because I desperately felt like I needed some vegetables in my stomach! I noticed that the language got saltier and saltier as the alcohol flowed. There were a few f-bombs, and a part of me thought the senior director sitting with us would frown upon that, but he seemed super chill about it. o_0

The grand hall ceiling of the hotel totally reminded me of Hogwarts because it was so high and they actually played a light show, on the hour, at night. And I think it's a different show every hour too. This one happened to be focused on planets.


June K said...

Are you staying at the Union Station hotel? There was a Hyatt there before not sure which hotel is there now.

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