Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weird Weather Day and Push Press 1RM

The morning CrossFit session was cancelled due to the icy roads. Thank goodness for OPM’s unscheduled telework option today!
The morning was already a success because I put the final touches on a poster presentation, and my boss sent it off to our federal partners for review and clearance. And I also figured out my flight plans for a June work meeting. Direct flight to an inconvenient airport (BWI) or 1-stop flight to a convenient airport (DCA)? I went with the second one.

What a weird weather day! Ice, then lots of rain, and then sunshine (?!). There was a new food place that was doing their opening today with free lunch and dinner, but even that was enticing enough for me to venture out in the rain.

Anyhoo, 5:15 PM CrossFit, check! It’s test week! We did push presses today. Last week, I did 3 x 5 at 85 lbs. My 1RM from a few months ago was 90 lbs. I loaded up 105 lbs for my 1RM and was able to get it above my head, but then the coach told me it was really a push jerk. By then, my arms didn’t have anymore gas in the tank to redo it. Oh well! At least I’m getting somewhere!

WOD: 30-20-10 DB snatches (20 lbs) and box jumps (20 inches). After all that’s done, 50 sit-ups. Time: 10:58.

And then I went to 6:30 PM spin class because my legs still had some energy. Whew!


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