Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Squat Clean and Jerk, Donuts and Work Frustration

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! New lift today: squat clean and jerk. 5 x 2 at 65 lbs.
3, 6, 9, etc. ladder
Thrusters (55 lbs)
Knees to chest
I got through the 12s and then tacked on 5 additional thrusters at the end.

The only guy that comes to the morning session, Ryan, is leaving tomorrow for Georgia where he’ll be spending the next few months hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’m on work travel next week so my sister and Maria will have to hold down the fort.

I finally got new keys to my mailbox unit (this has been like a 3 month struggle with the postal service). I was happy to find birthday mail from last week waiting for me (thank you, Laura and co.!), along with a new credit card and gift card I was expecting.

I told myself that if I kept my cool at the post office, I could get a donut. One chocolate iced Bavarian cream, one jelly filled. Ok, so that’s two. Heh.
I worked from home in the morning and then I went to the office to get stuff printed for the meeting next week. I took another look at the poster and realized that 2 of the graphs were the same! How did everyone miss this, especially people at CDC clearance? So, I had to call my boss about that. Then, I had to send a nagging email to some of the workgroup members, requesting a spreadsheet that was due last week. There was some back and forth with one of them...him telling initially telling us that his was complete and us telling him there was stuff missing. I told him in an email AND over the phone that I was going to be taking the rest of the week off and was going to be out on Monday through Thursday next week.

"You're going to be available over email on Thursday and Friday, right?"


UM, NO. That's what being off work means.  I mean, of course, if one of the higher ups at work emailed me, of course, I would reply, but otherwise, NO. I'm going to go to the gym, bake, make cards and enjoy my time off before work travel.


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