Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wall-walks and L-sits at CrossFit and Dumpling Party of One

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! We worked on our wall-walks and L-sits (I did tuck holds), 20 seconds and 25 seconds hold respectively.

Partner WOD:
800m row
max power cleans (65 lbs)
600m row
max push jerk (60 lbs)
400m row max
front squats (55 lbs)

Partner B power cleans until Partner A finishes the 800 m row, and then switch, etc. The coach referred to me and Julie as a clique because we just always assume that we'll be each other's partners for these partner WODs. In retrospect, we should probably switch partners every so often to put the pressure on. No matter how much I suck at the WOD, Julie's still suck with me and she'll let me know exactly what she thinks. It's not the same when your partner's someone you're not related to.
Googlemaps indicated that traffic to the other gym was backed up so instead of going to spin, I made dumplings to prepare for Saturday's Lunar New Year dinner. I planned to take the day off on Wednesday to do this food prep since not much is going on at the office on WED, but now I have all day to do whatever I want! :)


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