Friday, February 19, 2016

1 RM Back Squat PR at CrossFit

I worked on an annual report for our federal partners today, so boring! Leftover chocolate birthday cake = breakfast of champions, right?

6:30 PM CrossFit, check! Test week: 1RM for back squat. I was able to do 145 lbs (for reference, my previous 1RM was 135 and my form was not so good). Yay! Gold star for me!

WOD: “Jackie”
1000 m row
50 thrusters (35 lbs)
30 pull-ups (with green and black resistance bands)
Time: 11:50

Tonight’s coach was a new one. I’m not so sure about him. He seemed kinda wooden and didn’t posses the enthusiasm/encouragement the other coaches do. I guess he needs to warm up to us and vice versa. If he’s expecting a bunch of super serious hardcore competitive athletes, he came to the wrong gym. This is not to say that we don’t work hard…there’s just a lot more laughter and energy than what I experienced tonight. I talked to Eileen after class, and she said she didn't really like him either. He seemed to be more rush-y rather than motivating.

The other thing I didn't like about the class was the other guy in the class. He kept telling the husband of the husband and wife team in the class before, "Don't let her win." Who the heck cares if she wins?! He had the gall to remind me to add the weight of the bar to my total. Uh, yes. This is not my first class, mkay? Why don't you be quiet and do the workout?

Afterwards, I went to my parents’ house and inhaled the last helping of beef noodle soup.


Jen W. said...

Ha ha! Love it when you get sassy! Put that guy in his place, girl! :D
And that soup looks amazing...

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