Friday, February 5, 2016

Busy Telework Day

Fridays are supposed to be a little more relaxed in my book, but it didn't quite go that way. My boss told me that she talked to the fellow's supervisor this morning about the poor state of the poster she sent over a few days ago and the supervisor wants to use this experience as a learning opportunity and give the fellow a chance to rewrite some of the stuff in the poster.

Ok, but can't you use some other incident as a learning opportunity and not one that involves a time crunch and other people?! I was somewhat embarrassed at the whine I let out when I talked to my boss on the phone about this. "Whyyyy??? We don't have time for thisss!" She totally understood where I was coming from, but since these federal partners give us money, we have to play nice.

I worked on my draft of the poster some more, hoping that it'll save me some time in the long run with formatting, worked on a progress report, took a conference call and then listened to the conference call recording to make sure I was catching everything in the notes. BLAH.

Given the tough workout yesterday and the somewhat stressful work day...I decided to take a rest day today. Zzzz.
Oh, look, good lighting. :)


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