Saturday, February 20, 2016

Brunch with the MPH Girls and CVS Haul

When I was looking up the restaurant that we normally go to for brunch (of course, I had to look at the menu and drool over my options), I found out that it closed!  Jenny quickly made another suggestion, so when I looked that restaurant up, one of the food options was a "cinnamon roll as big as ya head."  Oh, yes, let's do it.  We got one for the table to share and I got an omelet for myself.
I took a CVS survey the other day, and as compensation, they gave me $10 in Extra Care Bucks. I also had a $3 of $15 makeup, $5 of $25 purchase, and $6 of $30 coupon to use too, so this entire shopping trip cost me a little over $12. Oh, and I also got $5 back in Extra Care Bucks too. The Mike and Ikes are for Julie. My current powder and gel liner are about to run out, so the Maybelline deal came in real handy. Mwah ha ha.
Apparently, my butt made the perfect perch to sit on while watching whatever was going on outside.


Laura said...

You girls look great! And so does that cinnamon roll omg!

Jen W. said...

That cinnamon roll is insane!! And I love RJ - he's such a dude!

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