Sunday, February 7, 2016

One Year's Worth of Progress

I took the picture below a year ago today, February 7, 2015. All I could think of was "That's it. No more." I took the second picture first thing this morning before going to spin class. I'd like to think of it as "before" and "in progress" pictures.
Considering I didn't start seriously lifting until July 1, I'm really proud of myself for the progress I've made. I don't think it'd be proper to post these two pictures without mentioning what has transpired between the two pictures.
  • Lots and lots of sweating, grunting, grimacing, exhales of exhaustion, soreness, etc.
  • Not being able to make it through a full set, reracking or putting the weight down, stamping down on self doubt, taking a deep breath and trying again. 
  • Waking up at 5:30 AM to go to CrossFit several times a week. Sometimes there would be two-a-days: spin and Crush60 or spin and CrossFit.
  • Doing exercises that I had never done before with people I've never met before. Well, it turns out that nothing builds camaraderie like a really intense Leg Day or WOD.
  • Discovering that I have physical strength that I never knew I had in me, i.e. I can lift 100 lbs over my head and sumo deadlift and regular deadlift more than my bodyweight.
  • Revisiting clothes that hadn't fit before because they were too tight, but now they don't fit quite right because they are too loose.
  • Building the confidence to try something different with my work look every once in a while: curling my hair, dramatic eye makeup, dark lipstick, etc
Thanks to everyone that has sent an encouraging message (text, email, comment, etc.)! I appreciate the love and support!

I can't wait to revisit this post in 2017.  :)


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