Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Liquid Lipstick and Split Jerk PR

My boss is flying home today, and I didn't have anything major on my work calendar today, so here's what I did on my dreary day off:
  • Went to the post office to mail a holiday care package to my cousin who is currently in dental school. Funny enough, most of the care package was candy. I’m sure there is no shortage of toothbrushes where he’s at. We included one just in case, hah.
  • Purchased Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards that my sister and I want to give to the CrossFit coaches to say thank you and Happy Holidays.
  • Bought a pair of cobalt-colored heels I’ve been thinking about for the past month. The coupon I had sealed the deal.
  • Played with makeup I would otherwise only wear out of the house on Halloween. Check out the photobomber. I bought this NYX Liquid Suede product in Stone Fox at Ulta yesterday. It's a unique color, and I had been thinking about getting it since the product launch months ago. I had a coupon, so of course, I didn't want it to go to waste.

5:15 PM CrossFit, check! We tested on our 1 RM split jerks and I PR'ed at 100 lbs. Eee, so excited! I'm finally able to lift triple digits over my head. Then we did 100 wall balls (I’m in red). I should have done 150 (Karen workout) since I had time left in the 10 min cap, but I just got tired!

Then I went to spin class, and then I went to my parents' house where my sister made me eggs and I talked about the workout and she told me about her office happy hour. The end. :)


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