Thursday, December 3, 2015

Request from the Executive Director

Day 4 of feeling gross. I think I’m finally getting somewhere though! I was at least feeling well enough to telework, which involved 4-5 hours of being on the phone. My boss was like "How are you doing?" All I could do was groan and she understood that I definitely wasn't at 100%. I didn't even get to see her during her visit here, but she'll be back in 2 weeks and I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted to catch what bug I had.

She told me that we have a new project...something that the big boss wants us to help with. Hey, ok, that's cool. Until she told me what it was. I repeated what I thought i heard her say to make sure that I understood. "So they want to have a meeting with people who aren't as engaged with the organization and have most of the discussion is over dinner?" Whattt. If they aren't engaged with the organization already, what makes you think that they will a) want to come to the meeting and b) be willing to participate in this discussion with people they don't know very well? How are you going to be able to pull that off? Fortunately, I don't have to worry about invites or running the actual meeting, just logistics and maybe some notetaking.

My parents were worried how I was doing (mind you, I am in my 30s and this is not the first time I’ve caught a bug of some sort), but they didn’t want to fuss over me directly so they interrogated my sister instead. Parents will be parents, I guess.

Is it Friday yet??


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