Monday, December 28, 2015

CrossFit, New Jacket and Valentine's Day Cards

My two goals of the day were go to 6:30 AM CrossFit and shop for a new jacket (warmer than my fleece but not as fancy as my peacoat). Bonus points for going to spin class too. All items were checked off today.

At CrossFit, I chose to work on my push presses and I worked up to 75 lbs. The WOD was 8:00 AMRAP: 8 wall balls and 8 burpees and then a 2 minute hollow hold after the 8 minutes were over. Ugh, that hollow hold was so hard. Doing it for 20 seconds is already difficult, but 2 minutes?! Maybe that should be another 2016 CrossFit goal (my first on was a 100 lb bench press).

My sister reported that she dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport successfully this morning. “They were like, bye! And zipped over to ticketing without looking back.” Hah. I don’t blame them though. They’ve been looking forward to their 3-week vacation to Taiwan to see friends and family.

I went to the mall to shop for a jacket, but stopped by Target first (even though I went to another location yesterday, hah). I'm very pleased with the jacket that I got...Columbia brand, 3-in-1, 60% off. I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to use it since it's been so "warm" where I'm at, but I'm sure that it'll start to get colder when January and February come around.

I rolled my eyes when I saw that Target was already setting up for Valentine’s Day, but then I realized that I need to do the same for my card shop. I cranked out a few this afternoon when I got home.


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