Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I spent most of Christmas Eve with my family, so it was nice to enjoy some me time today. While it was off to a slow start, I did have a spike in productivity with doing a load of laundry and basically resetting the house to pre-holiday condition this morning. I also hung up the toucan my sister got me from her trip to Nicaragua.

I opened my last present this morning, a book that Suzie sent me. She had given me a book by the same author years ago. And I had to smile because I feel like I’ve made a million dumplings these past 2 weeks.

I also Facetimed with Page (and her brother) and saw her open the care package that I sent her (colored pencils, adult coloring book and "The Longest Ride" Blu-Ray). "You must have known that I've been stressed. Brightman got me something on meditation." (Sigh). It gave me a lot of joy to see her face light up because I know she’s been having a difficult time lately with her mom passing away a few months ago.

I just finished watching Elf (second time this holiday season) and am currently watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I feel like my Christmas holiday is complete!

Hope everyone is having (or had) a nice and peaceful holiday!


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