Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Front Squat Work and Baking Banana Bread

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! I worked on my front squats. The WOD was 4 rounds: 15 push presses, 25 kettlebell swings, 35 lateral jumps. The goal was sub 12:00. I did it in 14:27. Whew…

I fell asleep when I got home, which actually turned out to be a terrible idea because I had some weird bad dreams. It put me in an off mood for most of the day.

BUT I turned it around by:
  • Working on my cross-stitch project (I filled in the pages of the book. It’s tough to tell since it’s white thread against white cloth)
  • Some shopping for friends and dumpling supplies (yes, again…)
  • Making chocolate chip banana bread. I didn’t want my spotty bananas to go to waste, ya know?  Half will go to my sister when I see her tomorrow morning at CrossFit…because I’m nice like that.
Pitch Perfect is on tv! Please hold.


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