Monday, December 14, 2015

Bench Press PR and Performance Review Presentation

Test week at CrossFit! Today we did bench press. I was able to do a 1 rep max at 80 lbs. It took me 4-5 times to hit it, but I was determined. I kept trying until time ran out and we had to do the workout, which included jump rope and burpees. Yay, gold star for me! Hopefully the first of many this week.

One of the field staff that was in the office today complimented me on my current Facebook photo. "You look so glam!"  Hah, who would have ever thought that the dramatic out-there look would get such good reviews!

After lunch today, my boss and I had a program review presentation to do in front of 2 federal project officers, the Executive Director and any staff that want to attend. I needed to remember to talk slower so it’s not obvious that I wanted to get to the end. Everything went well! Even though it was about my work (and not a pop quiz!), it’s a little nerve-racking to have the spotlight. They even had us use a microphone so everyone could hear. But it’s done and I promptly got a sandwich from Potbelly and inhaled it afterwards because I was too antsy before. Now it's smooth sailing until things ramp up again in January.

I went to 6:00 PM spin class, yay! The girl with the bike in front of me asked me about my CrossFit gym, so of course, I launched into my promotional shpeal.

And then my sister gave me a strawberry milkshake to commemorate this morning’s bench press PR. Yum! She also got a bonus at work today from her bosses for all the hard work she's done this year. It must have been a shock to be called into the conference room and see all your bosses there, but good thing it's good news they had to deliver.

The End.


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