Thursday, December 10, 2015

CrossFit Holiday Party

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Normally, we don’t have TH morning classes, but they made an exception today because the evening classes are cancelled for the holiday party tonight. We worked on our split jerks, and I increased my weight by 10 lbs to 60 lbs. Then lots of kettlebell swings and jump rope for the workout. I came home to RJ sleeping on my pillow. Can’t blame him though…who doesn’t like flannel sheets with the colder weather.

I went to my CrossFit gym’s holiday party tonight. Wow, we all clean up nicely! We’re so used to seeing each other in workout clothes and sweat. Many of the people that I have class with (Maria, Jackie, my sister, Ryan...) had other parties they needed to go to, so I felt compelled to go represent. The party was held at the downtown location. It's so much nicer than the location that I go to, but I think ours has its charm anyway. It's all I know and it works just fine.  Anyway, the downtown location had a locker room with showers and lockers and a nice set of sinks and mirrors. We just get one stall with a toilet.

The party was fun, despite my initial anxiety of not knowing anyone there aside from the co-owner's parents and some of the trainers for the first 15 minutes. I went with my go-to small talk tactics of asking people questions (because people usually like to talk about themselves...) and giving compliments (this one lady had a pretty black lace top.  She confessed that she got it from Target). Thank goodness Eileen showed up to hang out with me!

The food was good, especially the Georgetown cupcakes.


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