Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve!

My sister and I went to 9:30 AM CrossFit for a special 12 Days of Christmas workout.

1 Thruster (45 lbs…whatever weight you did, you kept it for all the barbell moves)
 2 Push-ups
3 Over the box Jumps (20 inches)
4 Power cleans
5 Lateral burpees
6 Push press
7 Lunges each leg
8 Wall balls (8 lb ball)
9 V-ups (I did sit ups)
10 Pullups (with a green and red band)
11 Front squats
12 Barbell step ups

You had to do the workout like the song: 1 thruster, then 2 push ups + 1 thruster, etc. My sister and I shared a barbell since there was a crowd, but I think that worked to my advantage because I needed the extra rest times while waiting for her to do her weightlifting movements with the barbell. I think I clocked in at 41 minutes or something. I was the last to finish the workout, but hey, someone has to and everyone cheered when I did my last thruster. I definitely earned my dinner tonight!

The whiteboard at CrossFit has everyone's 2016 goals on it.  I put down 1 RM 100 lbs bench press.  I'm currently at a 1 RM of 80 lbs, so we'll see how things progress when this time next year rolls around.
I went to Target to get some sparkling grape juice for the dinner tonight and yikes, what a mad house! I should have known considering it's Christmas Eve. I rushed home and boiled the frozen dumplings I made last weekend so that I could take them to my parents' house for Christmas Eve dinner. It was nice to have one last big get-together before my cousin heads off to Taiwan tomorrow and my parents head there on Sunday.

This year, my sister, cousins, and cousin's girlfriend decided to do a white elephant exchange instead of secret Santas. The gift that I ended up with, which I'm totally in love with, was a Snoopy mug.
Merry Christmas, everyone!


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